Javascript module for generating random, distinguishable, pleasing colors (ie: for chart series).
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Random Color

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Random color is a simple javascript module for generating random colors that contrast enough to distinguish between one another, and are not too loud (by default, all colours can have readable black/dark font overlayed).


Useful, for example, in charts and diagrams where X number of series need to be distinguished by color.

Getting it


npm install rcolor


Clone this repo / copy dist/rcolor.min.js

Note that the dist/rcolor.js file is a CommonJS export (the node.js build)

Using it

With the browser build:

// > "#79f2ab"

With the node build:

const color = require('rcolor')
color() // "#79f2ab"

Options / Configuration

You can specify the hue, saturation and value. The following are the defaults:

const goldenRatio = 0.618 // ... truncated

  hue: (Math.random() + goldenRatio) % 1,
  saturation: 0.5,
  value: 0.95


If you used this module prior to NPM availability (between 2013 and 2017), you can find that source (including the Dart version) on the legacy branch.


Free to use and distribute under the MIT license.

Sorry, Colour

Apologies in advance to my commonwealth friends, if you find 'color' vs. 'colour'. It was a hard decision for a Canadian. :)

Wes Johnson @SterlingWes