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Added show_texture = True to all shader nodes. Enables you to show textures in viewport.

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Keep in mind the development is not done, it's in very early stages, so consider it early alpha.

Follow me on social media for latest development info:

Feel free to contribute on patreon if you want:

Video tutorials on how to compile PBRT and how the use the addon is found here:

This is a exporter for blender 2.8x that exports the scene into pbrt's ascii file format. The resulting files can then be rendered with PBRT renderer. If you use pbrt-v4 then use 'pbrt.exe --upgrade' until full support has been added in the exporter.

This is still work in progress, so a lot of features are not complete yet. But Ḯ'm actively working on it to add each feature to it. I started working on this project 1 year ago as a way of learning blender and development for it after switching to blender on all my projects from 3dsmax (been using 3dsmax daily the last 18 years). I also love rendering, and PBRT is a great renderer, since the source code for that is also available as well as the book for it.

I will now document what works and how to use it in the wiki, and will also provide some nice sample scenes that you can test with. Below you see some of my test renders that was made during the initial development.

image image image image image image image image


Exporter for blender that exports the scene into pbrt's ascii file format.




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