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ethicalfive commented Oct 24, 2018

Blueprint and I have been experimenting with material texture nodes from cycles and they seem to function pretty bug free in UPBGE so we request they be made available in UPBGE material nodes directly.

They open up stuff like making generative textures and normal maps (through bump) as well as triplanar texturing is basically already available in the Image texture node(cube selection and blendi

NolanGrant commented Jul 20, 2018

Hey Nutti, big thanks for making this addon,
when I try to use the UV pack extension, at first it appears to work in the UV window, but on closer inspection, although the verts are properly welding between the two islands being stacked, one of the islands ( in this case those at the top) has had each of its faces made into a separate island, and those faces/islands are rotated (seemingly 90 degr

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