Shell script to filter logfiles for today's date in an Artificial Ignorance-compatible way
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Shell script to filter logfiles for today's date in an Artificial Ignorance-compatible way

filter-other-days is careful to only throw away entries that we're sure aren't from today. This is implemented by using grep -v on other dates instead of grep on today's date. The rationale here is that it's better to receive irrelevant information than it is to miss relevant information.


Get the source, either by git clone or unpacked tarball. Change into the directory and run sudo make install.

make install uses /usr/local as the prefix by default; you may override this with make install PREFIX=/your/custom/prefix.

make uninstall also works as you'd expect.


filter-other-days has no arguments besides --help and --version. It accepts input on stdin only.

Note that filter-other-days computes today's date at startup. If the time rolls over to a new day during execution, this will not be accounted for.




What are the system requirements?

This program is designed to require only a POSIX environment. GNU seq was required until version 1.1.0, but this has been fixed.

That being said, this program was tested on a GNU userland (though with dash as /bin/sh), so there may still be dependencies on GNU extensions. If you find any such dependencies, they will be considered bugs. Please file these in the bug tracker.

If you want to run the test suite, you also need Bash and faketime.

I'm passing a file but it says "unrecognized option 'filename'".

Unlike many Unix programs, filter-other-days does not accept files on the commandline. This is because it makes the argument parsing code more complicated and your shell can accomplish the same thing just as well:

$ filter-other-days < filename

Besides, usually you'd want to use cat on multiple files before piping to filter-other-days anyway.

I'm seeing entries from other days!

filter-other-days is intentionally designed to only filter out what it already knows about. This is because it is dangerous to throw away information you don't understand. This point is particularly salient when one is considering implementing an Artificial Ignorance system based on filter-other-days.

That being said, it's obviously unideal that filter-other-days is not doing its job. Please file a bug and be sure to include some sample input and any interesting variations. When in doubt, include more. Your samples will be added to the test suite and additional filtering will be added to make those tests pass.


Affero GPL 3.0 or later


AJ Jordan