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@@ -8,15 +8,21 @@ A binary that provides package management for TextMate.
Textmate bundles are automatically reloaded after install or uninstall operations.
-## `textmate remote [SEARCH]`
+## List available remote bundles
+`textmate remote [SEARCH]`
List all of the available bundles in the remote repository, optionally filtering by `search`.
-## `textmate list [SEARCH]`
+## List installed bundles
+`textmate list [SEARCH]`
List all of the bundles that are installed on the local system, optionally filtering by `search`.
-## `textmate install NAME [SOURCE]`
+## Installing new bundles
+`textmate install NAME [SOURCE]`
Installs a bundle from the remote repository. SOURCE filters known remote bundle locations.
For example, if you want to install the "Ruby on Rails" bundle off GitHub, you'd type the following:
@@ -28,6 +34,8 @@ Available remote bundle locations are:
* Macromates Review
* GitHub
-## `textmate uninstall NAME`
+## Uninstalling bundles
+`textmate uninstall NAME`
Uninstalls a bundle from the local repository.

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