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Devices & Hardware

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Dev boards

Device CE/ FCC Power consumption Support Note cost
TTGOv2 No 105mA (Bluetooth) Supported Available pre-flashed ~$17
TTGO Tbeam V07 No ~150mA? Supported compile with pio run -e ttgo-lora32-tbeam ~$24
TTGO Tbeam V10 No ~150mA? Experimental May require enabling GPS chip, see #33 (comment) ~$24
Disaster Radio v5 No ~100mA Todo Open Source board in development ~$20?
Lopy4 Yes ~70mA (Bluetooth) Supported should be good for infrastructure,
can support dual lora modules
Sparkfun 1 channel gateway No ~70mA (Bluetooth) Experimental compile with pio run -e sparkfun-lora ~$35
M5 stack & Ra-01H Yes ~140mA Todo Only the Ra-01H module will work, take care to buy this version, at the correct frequency for your country ~$35 + ~$18
Heltec V2 No ~100mA Experimental Poor performance, short range,
compile with pio run -e heltec-v2
TTGO V1 No ~100mA Experimental Poor performance, short range,
compile with pio run -e ttgo-lora32-v1
Lostik No ~100mA Experimental Info here ~$44

Complete solar nodes

Below is a draft list of parts for a solar-powered system, also here as Aliexpress list to be used with this controller, the only tool required for assembly is a screwdriver.

  • Solar systems are very context-dependent. This system is designed with these assumptions: The device is using BLE rather than Wifi, it is clocked at 80Mhz and there is at least 1 kWh/m2/day of irradiance during midwinter.
  • Where there is at least 1 kWh/m2/day in winter; A 20w panel and 4 x 1800mA batteries are probably adequate. If you get more than 1 kWh/m2/day in winter you could try a smaller panel or battery bank. If you get less than this, then you need a larger panel and battery bank.
Part Spec Source Note cost
1 x Solar panel 10w - 40w, glass lasts longer Aliexpress/ Ebay Ensure that your panel comes with a built-in Schottky diode, or add one to the circuit yourself ~$40
1x LifePO4 charge controller LifePO4 are considerably safer than other Lithium batteries Tindie Xorbit will solder screw terminals to the solar controller on request for a couple of dollars. The specified batteries can handle 3A charge current. Ask for the Thermistor to be included with the charge controller. If it falls below freezing in your climate add heating pads to the batteries ~$20
1x Twin core cable 0.5mm or thicker Aliexpress/ local to connect the panel to the charge controller ~$1
4x 18650 LifePO4 1800MAh Aliexpress Should include under/overvoltage protection to stop any battery charge state from diverging too far from the others ~$25
1 x Antenna 868Mhz or 915Mhz, Male SMA, Physically thinner than 0.8cm. Aliexpress Testing needed ~$3.5
1x Waterproof box IP68 Aliexpress The one specified includes pre-drilled cable glands ~$5
2x Battery holder Parallel 18650 holder Aliexpress The one specified includes pre-soldered cables ~$2.5
1 x Adhesive silicone * Aliexpress To hold components in place ~$3.5
- - - Total ~$100
  • There is a bit of documentation on how to put the solar system together here
  • Work is also being done on a custom controller