Music Blocks -- A musical microworld
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“All musicians are subconsciously mathematicians” – Monk

Music Blocks is a collection of manipulative tools for exploring fundamental musical concepts in an integrative and fun way.

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Using Music Blocks

Music Blocks is designed to run in the browser.

The easiest way to run Music Blocks is to open Music Blocks in your browser (Firefox, Chrome, and Opera work best).

If you want to run Music Blocks offline, download (or git clone) this repo and point your browser to the index.html file found in the musicblocks directory on your local file system.

You can also run Music Blocks by setting up a local server.

Sugar users can run Music Blocks as an app embedded in the Browse activity (See Music Blocks Embedded) or simply open Music Blocks in Browse.

See Using Music Blocks and Music Blocks Guide


Music Blocks is a fork of TurtleBlocksJS created by Walter Bender.

Devin Ulibarri has contributed functional and user-interface designs. Many of his contributions were inspired by the music education ideas, representations and practices (e.g. aspects of matrix, musical cups) developed and published by Larry Scripp with whom Devin studied at New England Conservatory and for whom he worked at Affron Scripp & Associates, LLC.

Center for Music and the Arts in Education (CMAIE)

Music in Education

Some of the graphics were contributed by Chie Yasuda.

Much of the initial coding of the fork from Turtle Blocks was done by Yash Khandelwal as part of Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2015. Hemant Kasat contributed to additional widgets as part of GSoC 2016. Additional contributions are being made by Tayba Wasim, Dinuka Tharangi Jayaweera, Prachi Agrawal, Cristina Del Puerto, and Hrishi Patel as part of GSoC 2017. During GSoC 2018, Riya Lohia developed a Temperament Widget. Ritwik Abhishek added a keyboard widget and a pitch-tracking widget.

Many students contributed to the project as part of Google Code-in (2015–16, 2016–17, and 2017–2018). Sam Parkinson built the Planet during GCI 2016–17. Euan Ong redesigned the Planet code as a series of GCI tasks in 2017–18.

A full list of contributors is available.

Reporting Bugs

Bugs can be reported in the issues section of this repository.


Please consider contributing to the project, with your ideas, your music, your lesson plans, your artwork, and your code.

Programmers, please follow these general guidelines for contributions.