Sumokoin GUI Wallet
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Sumokoin GUI Wallet

Copyright (c) 2017,

One of the most easy-to-use, intuitive GUI (full) wallets in crypto.

Installation & running from source codes

  1. Clone the repo:

     git clone SumoGUIWallet
  2. Install dependencies (with Python 2.7):

    • Generally, you can use Python pip to install required components:

        pip install PySide, requests, psutil
    • or

        pip install -r requirements.txt 
    • On some OSes, PySide may be required to install from pre-built packages. For example, on Ubuntu 16.04, install PySide with the following command:

        sudo apt install python-pyside
  3. Build/download Sumokoin binaries from Sumokoin repo and put it to Resources/bin sub-directory.

  4. Run the wallet (Python 2.7):

     cd /path/to/SumoGUIWallet