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@TrySound TrySound released this 13 Aug 17:18

Hey everybody!

In this release I happy to introduce the new plugin "preset-default" which allows to declaratively setup and customize default set of plugins. Previous solution extendDefaultPlugins utility prevented parcel users from using cachable json config, svgo-loader and svgo-jsx required svgo to be installed locally. "preset-default" plugin is just another builtin plugi.

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      name: 'preset-default',
      params: {
        overrides: {
          // customize options
          builtinPluginName: {
            optionName: 'optionValue',
          // or disable plugins
          anotherBuiltinPlugin: false,

We also fixed a few bugs

  • performance is improved by ~37% for svg with styles (#1456)
  • reset cursor after "closeto" command when applying transformation (9e578b5)
  • fixed usage of removed internal methods (#1479)
  • chalk is replaced with smaller colorette (#1511)
  • test files are excluded from published package (#1458)
  • remove more spaces around flag in arc command #1484

Thanks to @TrySound, @ydaniv, @ludofischer, @XhmikosR and @joseprio