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Aug 2020 Update - This is now a deprecated project

I was planning to do a rewrite round about now, but there are enough people working on the static sites problem in Svelte that I don't wish to contribute to the noise. Please check out these other projects.

I will be exploring moving to one of these projects to support them.

Why SSG?

Watch this 20 min talk:

What is this repo?

this is a monorepo for a Sapper Site Generator and related packages. Check README's inside /packages for more info on each. In particular:

We also have an examples folder but its kinda inactive right now.

Project Roadmap

I have been dragging my feet on SSG mostly because I wish someone else was working on it rather than me (it will never make money and I don't have time for it).

However the conversations I have daily at work always bother me and make me wish there was a better solution out there. Because nobody is working on exactly what I want, I'm forced to be the one to do it :( despite not having a better usecase for it than my own blog.

I am not at all optimistic this will ever be a wise venture so this is literally for shits n giggles until someone more serious than me picks this up. Because I'm not serious about it, it has an even higher chance of failure than the abysmal chance it had :(. at least i hope somebody else comes along and picks this up.

Other attempts at a Svelte Site Generator

SSG v0

whatever i have now, the Sapper-based slow monstrosity. I can add:

  • an incremental build api
  • zero config filestructure based markdown
    • default ejectable theme
  • preprocessed typescript and postcss
  • DEBUG=*

SSG v1

What I want SSG to launch with is:

  • 0kb of JS for a page that doesnt use it
  • visual editor? use netlifycms? fork sapper studio?
  • incremental builds
  • ludicrous speed. this probably means not using Sapper, and possibly using Rust/WASM.
  • ejectable themes
  • preprocessed typescript and postcss
  • Zero config:
    • RSS
    • filestructure based markdown
  • ship your own docs in CLI
  • proper docsite
  • DEBUG=*
  • Differential Dataflow

open questions:

  • dev mode?
  • no clientside routing?
  • graphql?
  • 404 search
  • react import path?
  • tailwind?
  • graphql support?
  • support 11ty's templating (mustache etc) and exact api?

SSG v2

I actually wish i could work on this earlier, but Netlify doesn't support datastores now so there's no point:

  • serverless serving if updates are found (so you get instant refresh)
  • smart clientside routing? need to learn a lot more about this
  • service worker layer?

TODO: check if there's a way to see if there's a new version of a page updated

  • nested ssgconfigs so you can section up sites?

What else?


Svelte Site Generator. why try this? because sapper has a lot of setup, and isn't great at pipelining data:







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