A package for R that bundles several Shiny web applications for educational use.
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teachR is a package for R that bundles several Shiny web applications for educational use.

The goal of teachR is to provide teachers and educators with free, easy-to-use and interactive applications for complementing their courses with virtual demonstrations and/or experiments.

The Shiny applications in teachR can be launched directly from within R or RStudio. They can also be exported toward a local folder for later deployment on shinyapp.io or on a personal Shiny Server instance.

The teachR package is at a very early stage of development. It contains only a few Shiny applications at the moment, but this number is meant to grow with the help Shiny developers willing to make their educational web applications more easily accessible.

If you are a Shiny developer and want to participate, just fork this repository, add your application(s) to the "inst/apps" folder with a properly formatted "info" file (see other apps for examples), and send me a pull request.


Installing teachR from this GitHub repository is pretty straightforward: simply copy the following lines of code in your R terminal:

if (!require("devtools")) install.packages("devtools")


Use the package's help to learn how to discover and run the applications provided in teachR.


Simon Garnier - @sjmgarnier - garnier@njit.edu