List of crypto projects that might not suck
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Crypto Projects that Might not Suck

This document originated with an informal survey of Twitter and several mailing lists asking for nominations for crypto projects that "didn't suck". Over 100 nominations were received and culled down to this list. Projects marked with an "☢" symbol are relatively new and considered experimental. Apologies to project creators who are omitted. Corrections are welcome via pull request.

End User Tool Summary

This is a quick summary of tools that are generally recommended for end users. See the EFF's Surveillance Self Defense guides or Press Freedom Foundation's Encryption Works guide for more information.

The People’s Choice

Honorable Mentions

The Old Standbys

The SSL Libraries

JavaScript Crypto Libraries

  • Stanford JS Crypto Lib (SJCL):
    • Emily Stark, Mike Hamburg, & Dan Boneh
    • Used in several products, e.g.
  • ☢ Microsoft JS Crypto Library
    • 800 MB of test vectors for 9000 lines of code
    • Non-commercial and research license only

Online Storage

  • Tahoe-LAFS:
    • Distributed, provider-independent cloud storage
    • Least Authority Systems, Zooko (@zooko), et al.
  • Tarsnap:
    • Client-side encryption; must build from source
    • Commercial service archives on S3
    • Colin Percival (@cperciva)

Libraries and Frameworks

Post Quantum Libraries

Community Efforts

Experimental Toolkits

Certificate and Key Management Tools

Verification & Automation Tools

Miscellaneous Project

Learning and Resources

Maybe Sucky Secret Managers

There are many secret key value managers and I don't know which are any good. Including them here for future reference:

Abandoned / Retired / TBD

These are left here for posterity...