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Lightweight, responsive, blog oriented Wordpress theme based on Blankslate theme


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Zero WordPress Theme

Zero is a WordPress lightweight blog/post purpose theme built from BlankSlate theme.
CopyLeft 2017, Sidney Sacchi.


Special Blockquote + Toggle

To use special blockquote and toggle effect you’ve to add “special” class to blockquote and “toggle” id on the element and add a div with “toggleContent” class as following code:

<blockquote class="special">
    <strong>Toggle Example</strong> <a id="toggle">+</a>
    <div class="toggleContent">
        Praesent rutrum scelerisque turpis a tincidunt ...

Side Blockquote

To use side blockquote you’ve to add “laterale” class to blockquote as following code:

<blockquote class="laterale">
    <h3>Aside Blockquote</h3>
    <p>Content of the blockquote ...</p>


You can customize your theme and some feature by using the built-in WordPress customizer.
With the added features you can edit:

Site Credentials:

  • Logo
  • Site Title
  • Site Motto/Description
  • Favicon


  • Top menu


  • Footer Sidebar 1
  • Footer Sidebar 2
  • Footer Sidebar 3


  • Sidebar Widgets Area

Start page:

  • Latest Posts
  • Specific/Static Page

Header Background Image

  • Add/change header image

Font Choose:

  • Arial
  • Georgia
  • Times
  • Lucida Sans
  • Tahoma
  • Verdana
  • Courier
  • Lucida Console
  • Comic ^_^

Color Schemes:

  • Main Color
  • Secondary Color
  • Link Color
  • Link Color on Hover
  • Footer Background
  • Footer Text
  • Footer Link Color
  • Footer Widgets Text Color

Custom CSS:

  • Default css editor

Footer Credits:

  • Text Field where you can add your credits/footer note

Social Profiles Page Links:

Using these fields you can easily add your correct author name and @twitterusername into posts shared via Facebook/Twitter

  • Facebook page/profile link
  • Twitter username

Visual Editor

You could use two shortcode icons in the visual editor to create two kind of blockquotes:

  • Simple: A 100% width blockquote with top and bottom border, a title and content
  • Special: An expandable block through a toggle icon with title and content shown once toggle is clicked


This theme is for who wants a clean and fast post-centric theme.
Builted from scratch starting from the BlankSlate theme.
For further info check them out:

CopyLeft & License

CopyLeft 2017 Sidney Sacchi
GNU General Public License |


Here's the official forum of the BlankSlate theme team
Please note: I'm not providing regular support and/or updates at moment, sorry!


If you like this theme and helps you to build your blog, you can give me a cup of coffee or a good pint :)


I hope you'll enjoy this theme. Thanks for downloading!

Codely yours,
Syd (


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