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Simplify logout

I checked the list of Symfony 6.4 features, and this is the only one that I think it fits this application. So, let's use it.


10277e6 Simplify logout

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Symfony Demo Application

The "Symfony Demo Application" is a reference application created to show how to develop applications following the Symfony Best Practices.

You can also learn about these practices in the official Symfony Book.



There are 3 different ways of installing this project depending on your needs:

Option 1. Download Symfony CLI and use the symfony binary installed on your computer to run this command:

$ symfony new --demo my_project

Option 2. Download Composer and use the composer binary installed on your computer to run these commands:

# you can create a new project based on the Symfony Demo project...
$ composer create-project symfony/symfony-demo my_project

# ...or you can clone the code repository and install its dependencies
$ git clone my_project
$ cd my_project/
$ composer install

Option 3. Click the following button to deploy this project on, the official Symfony PaaS, so you can try it without installing anything locally:

Deploy on


There's no need to configure anything before running the application. There are 2 different ways of running this application depending on your needs:

Option 1. Download Symfony CLI and run this command:

$ cd my_project/
$ symfony serve

Then access the application in your browser at the given URL (https://localhost:8000 by default).

Option 2. Use a web server like Nginx or Apache to run the application (read the documentation about configuring a web server for Symfony).

On your local machine, you can run this command to use the built-in PHP web server:

$ cd my_project/
$ php -S localhost:8000 -t public/


Execute this command to run tests:

$ cd my_project/
$ ./bin/phpunit