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nicosomb commented Mar 22, 2022

The /about page is quite old and some things need to be updated:

  • 3rd party libraries: we have to update the list
  • the link on "helping wallabag" tab (an issue lists all our needs) is wrong
  • the "who is behind wallabag" tab is old: my website is wrong ... and @Kdecherf is missing.
javiereguiluz commented Sep 17, 2019

We use bootswatch 3.* and Bootstrap 3.*.

We could upgrade bootswatch to 4., which in turns requires upgrading Bootstrap to 4.. After the upgrade, the current theme (flatly) and the current styles must remain the same.

Any volunteer to help us with this? Thanks!

good first issue help wanted
Recoil1980 commented Aug 29, 2020

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Active users with no hours show on reports, such as the owner and system-admin account. Setting an account to inactive disables access, and there is no option to have certain accounts separate which to not generate on reports.

Describe the solution you'd like
Option for certain roles or accounts that would not have timesh

feature request good first issue

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