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minor #3927 [Cookbook][Security] Explicit 'your_user_provider' config…

…uration parameter (zefrog)

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[Cookbook][Security] Explicit 'your_user_provider' configuration parameter

Following @weaverryan #3921 first improvement, I've added a few lines to the bottom note of the article, to be more precise about the ``provider`` configuration key.


0f0376f #3921 - explicit 'your_user_provider' configuration parameter
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weaverryan committed Jun 11, 2014
2 parents 26d00d0 + 0f0376f commit 793786494d80f37dc0311520585f2699ab07a149
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  1. +4 −1 cookbook/security/pre_authenticated.rst
@@ -70,7 +70,10 @@ in the x509 firewall configuration respectively.
An authentication provider will only inform the user provider of the username
that made the request. You will need to create (or use) a "user provider" that
turns that username into a User object of your choice:
is referenced by the ``provider`` configuration parameter (``your_user_provider``
in the configuration example). This provider will turn the username into a User
object of your choice. For more information on creating or configuring a user
provider, see:
* :doc:`/cookbook/security/custom_provider`
* :doc:`/cookbook/security/entity_provider`

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