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Merge branch '2.6' into 2.7

* 2.6:
  Adding one more note about why we're in config.yml
  [#5302] Re-reading sections after moving them, and tweaking some things that did not make sense anymore
  Update doctrine.rst
  Place DQL in front of QueryBuilder
  Slight re-wording of new paragraph with the goal of being as short as possible
  Fix formatting error
  Created a new section for rotating log files and explained the max_files configuration option
  Fixes after review
  Changed comment from # to //
  Applied comments
  [BestPractices] restructured text format for the installation instructions template
  Better illustrate what the "user mistake" is.
  Fix typo
  Added new recipe on upgrading a major version
  Fix little title case mistake
  Created 'upgrade' cookbook section
  Added XML and PHP configuration samples
  Added a note about the rotating_file monolog handler
  Changing back to config.yml and fixing some code block mistakes thanks to Wouter
  Making the channel handler more useful by showing it on the prod environment
latest commit 8b0c02681b
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Symfony Documentation

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Note Unless you're documenting a feature that was introduced after Symfony 2.3 (e.g. in Symfony 2.4), all pull requests must be based off of the 2.3 branch, not the master or older branches.

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