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Latest commit 4567bc8 @xabbuh xabbuh Merge branch '3.0'
* 3.0: (27 commits)
  Removed all 2.x versionadded directives
  removed duplicate lines
  Updated "Learn more from the Cookbook" section
  [#6072] some tweaks
  [Cookbook][Console] change API doc class name
  Improvement to the apache/mod_php configuration example
  Fixed a syntax issue
  Implemented changes suggested by Wouter
  Fixed a reference
  Minor fixes
  Fixed a syntax issue
  Finished the first version of the BrowserKit doc
  fix title underline
  spelling and formating
  Adding documentation for cookies
  added docs on histroy
  added form submissions and moved creating a client to top
  more outlines, fixed link, added more about creating a client
  added a link snippit
  fixed spelling


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