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bug #4886 [Best Pracitices] restore example in the "Service: No Class…

… Parameter" section (u-voelkel)

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[Best Pracitices] restore example in the "Service: No Class Parameter" section

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In 1fb20e5 the 'how to NOT do it' config example in the "Best Practices -> Organizing Your Business Logic -> Service: No Class Parameter" section was changed to actually follow the recommendation.
It is especially confusing as the example in the section "Services: Naming and Format" is exactly the same (besides the comment)


0a678d2 fixed indentation
73ff5ea restore the how to NOT do it example in the "Service: No Class Parameter" section
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weaverryan committed Jan 30, 2015
2 parents 3bb7b61 + 0a678d2 commit 7e84533cde4e546c174f23cb390cd2e6ccd763ac
Showing with 4 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +4 −1 best_practices/business-logic.rst
@@ -140,9 +140,12 @@ the class namespace as a parameter:
# app/config/services.yml
# service definition with class namespace as parameter
slugger.class: AppBundle\Utils\Slugger
class: AppBundle\Utils\Slugger
class: "%slugger.class%"
This practice is cumbersome and completely unnecessary for your own services:

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