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Creating a new registration event is as simple as creating a normal Symphony event for your Active Members section. If you are using the Member: Activation field, be sure to include the Members: Lock Activation filter with your event, which will ensure that a member's activation code is generated.

Example Error XML:

<save-member result="error">
  <filter name="permission" status="passed" />
  <message>Entry encountered errors when saving.</message>
  <username label="USERNAME" type="missing" message="USERNAME is a required field." />
  <username label="USERNAME" type="invalid" message="USERNAME is already taken." />
  <password label="PASSWORD" type="missing" message="PASSWORD is a required field." />
  <password label="PASSWORD" type="invalid" message="PASSWORD is too short. It must be at least CONFIGURED characters." />
  <password label="PASSWORD" type="invalid" message="PASSWORD is not strong enough." />
  <email label="EMAIL" type="missing" message="EMAIL is a required field." />
  <email label="EMAIL" type="invalid" message="EMAIL is already taken." />
  <email label="EMAIL" type="invalid" message="EMAIL contains invalid characters." />

Example Success XML:

<save-member id="8169" result="success" type="created">
  <filter name="permission" status="passed" />
  <filter name="etm-members-register" status="passed">Email sent successfully</filter>
  <message>Entry created successfully.</message>
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