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The Reference Guide for the Members Extension

This wiki aims to provide developers with the information necessary for installing and setting up the Members extension with their Symphony CMS system. This wiki explains the different fields, events, filters and answers to common questions.


The Members extension provides a comprehensive system to integrate common Members functionality into your website. For a visual overview, you should definitely take a look at The Big Picture! The Members Forms XSLT utilities are very useful in helping you build forms required to interface with the Members events.

How To


This extension provides six additional fields:


This extension provides four additional events that can be added to your page:

For registration or account editing you will use native Symphony events:

Additionally there is a Member Login Info pseudo-event:

Using the Member: Role field allows you finer control over your events, see Event Permissions for further information.


This extension provides three event filters that you can add to your events to add security and make them useful to Members:


While the Members: Lock Activation and Members: Lock Role help prevent DOM hacking for the Member: Activation and Member: Role fields, it is still possible that other values in your Event can be DOM hacked. The Default Event Values extension is recommended to help force (or default) values in your Events, not only for Members, but for all your critical Symphony events.

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