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This page lists lasercutters and other devices supported by VisiCut (via LibLaserCut), along with example settings. Feel free to extend this page.


The following machines work fine in daily use by a FabLab/Makerspace/Hackerspace. Example settings are available in VisiCut by choosing Options -> Settings -> Download Recommended Settings ... and then selecting the lab.

  • Manufacturer and Model (Connection type): Example Lab Country, City: Name
  • Epilog Helix (Ethernet, not USB): TODO
  • Epilog Mini (Ethernet, not USB): TODO
  • Epilog Zing 16 = Zing 4030 (Ethernet, not USB): Germany, Nuremberg: Fab Lab Region Nürnberg, e.V.
  • Epilog Zing 24 = Zing 6030 (Ethernet, not USB): Germany, Erlangen: FAU FabLab
  • LAOS board: TODO
  • Smoothieware SmoothieBoard (Ethernet): TODO
  • K40 (USB): TODO
  • LTT iLaser 4000 (Ethernet via print server): Germany, Erlangen, FAU FabLab
  • LaserGRBL or similar G-Code based (USB/Serial): TODO
  • RUIDA-based (RDWorks), like Bodor BCL 1309-XM, Thunderlaser Nova35: Germany, Nuremberg: Fab Lab Region Nürnberg, e.V.

Experimental or Untested

  • HPGL-based plotters: "GoldCutHPGL" driver
  • Roland iModela CNC mill
  • K3/K5/K6
  • Lasersaur
  • LTT iLaser 3000 / ILS / VLS: should work with the iLaser 4000 driver
  • See the complete list of drivers in LibLaserCut.

If you have one of these machines, can confirm that everything works fine, and can provide example settings, feel free to move it to the "well-tested" category. If you find that something does not work, please report the issue instead of listing it here in the Wiki.


The following lasercutters do not work with the current version, but you may develop your own driver (or pay a developer to do it).