Returning complex types

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Returning complex types

The SQL-2003 draft suggest that a complex return value is handled as an IN/OUT parameter and PL/Java implements it that way. If you declare a function that returns a complex type, you will need to use a Java method with boolean return type with a last parameter of type java.sql.ResultSet added after all of the method's visible parameters. The output parameter will be initialized to an updatable ResultSet that contains exactly one row.

CREATE FUNCTION createComplexTest(int, int)
  RETURNS complexTest
  AS 'foo.fee.Fum.createComplexTest'

The PL/Java method resolver will now find the following method in class foo.fee.Fum:

public static boolean complexReturn(int base, int increment, ResultSet receiver)
throws SQLException
  receiver.updateInt(1, base);
  receiver.updateInt(2, base + increment);
  receiver.updateTimestamp(3, new Timestamp(System.currentTimeMillis()));
  return true;

The return value denotes if the receiver should be considered as a valid tuple (true) or NULL (false).

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