Using jdbc

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Using JDBC

PL/Java contains a JDBC driver that maps to the PostgreSQL SPI functions. A connection that maps to the current transaction can be obtained using the following statement:

Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:default:connection");

From there on, you can prepare and execute statements just like with any other JDBC connection. There are a couple of limitations though:

  • The transaction cannot be managed in any way. Thus, you cannot use methods on the connection such as:
    • commit()
    • rollback()
    • setAutoCommit()
    • setTransactionIsolation()
  • A savepoint cannot outlive the function in which it was set and it must also be rolled back or released by that same function.
  • ResultSets returned from executeQuery() are always FETCH_FORWARD and CONCUR_READ_ONLY.
  • Meta-data became available in PL/Java 1.1.
  • CallableStatement (for stored procedures) is not yet implemented.
  • Clob/Blob types need more work. byte[] and String works fine for bytea/text respectively. A more efficient mapping is planned where the actual array is not copied.
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