Prebuilt packages

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Prebuilt PL/Java distributions

At present, the PL/Java project is reliant on downstream packagers to produce prebuilt, installable PL/Java packages for various platforms. The official PL/Java releases are offered in source form and take only a few minutes to build with Apache Maven as described in the build instructions.

This wiki page will be updated to list known prebuilt PL/Java packages and the platforms they are built for. As with any prebuilt distribution, you should be acquainted with the policies and reputation of any supplier of a prebuilt package. The PL/Java project has not directly built or verified any package listed here.

Known prebuilt packages available

Docker images

Martin Bednar has prepared images of 64-bit PostgreSQL (9.5 and 9.4) with PL/Java 1.5.0 and Oracle Java 8 for use with Docker.


added 12 April 2016

Complete PostgreSQL distributions from BigSQL

BigSQL provides native installers for Centos 6 and 7, Ubuntu 12.04 and 14.04, OS X 10.9+, Windows 7+, and Windows Server 2008 and 2012. These distributions of PostgreSQL 9.5, 9.4, 9.3, and 9.2 include PL/Java 1.5.0.

added 12 April 2016

To list a prebuilt package here

Please announce the availability of your package on the pljava-dev mailing list, along with the output of the third query below:

Note: as of mid-May 2016, the pljava-dev mailing list is working again, and should be used to announce packages. In case the mailing list does not seem to work, then please open an issue.

SELECT sqlj.install_jar( fileurl-to-built-pljava-examples-*.jar , 'ex', true);
SELECT sqlj.set_classpath('javatest', 'ex');

SELECT array_agg(java_getsystemproperty(p)) FROM (values
) AS props(p);
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