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Enable group-hover for select utilities by default
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adamwathan committed Oct 21, 2020
1 parent edf0ba6 commit 28985b6
Showing 1 changed file with 7 additions and 7 deletions.
14 changes: 7 additions & 7 deletions stubs/defaultConfig.stub.js
Expand Up @@ -666,16 +666,16 @@ module.exports = {
appearance: ['responsive'],
backgroundAttachment: ['responsive'],
backgroundClip: ['responsive'],
backgroundColor: ['responsive', 'dark', 'hover', 'focus'],
backgroundColor: ['responsive', 'dark', 'group-hover', 'hover', 'focus'],
backgroundImage: ['responsive'],
gradientColorStops: ['responsive', 'dark', 'hover', 'focus'],
backgroundOpacity: ['responsive', 'hover', 'focus'],
backgroundOpacity: ['responsive', 'group-hover', 'hover', 'focus'],
backgroundPosition: ['responsive'],
backgroundRepeat: ['responsive'],
backgroundSize: ['responsive'],
borderCollapse: ['responsive'],
borderColor: ['responsive', 'dark', 'hover', 'focus'],
borderOpacity: ['responsive', 'hover', 'focus'],
borderColor: ['responsive', 'dark', 'group-hover', 'hover', 'focus'],
borderOpacity: ['responsive', 'group-hover', 'hover', 'focus'],
borderRadius: ['responsive'],
borderStyle: ['responsive'],
borderWidth: ['responsive'],
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -718,7 +718,7 @@ module.exports = {
minWidth: ['responsive'],
objectFit: ['responsive'],
objectPosition: ['responsive'],
opacity: ['responsive', 'hover', 'focus'],
opacity: ['responsive', 'group-hover', 'hover', 'focus'],
order: ['responsive'],
outline: ['responsive', 'focus'],
overflow: ['responsive'],
Expand All @@ -737,8 +737,8 @@ module.exports = {
strokeWidth: ['responsive'],
tableLayout: ['responsive'],
textAlign: ['responsive'],
textColor: ['responsive', 'dark', 'hover', 'focus'],
textOpacity: ['responsive', 'hover', 'focus'],
textColor: ['responsive', 'dark', 'group-hover', 'hover', 'focus'],
textOpacity: ['responsive', 'group-hover', 'hover', 'focus'],
textDecoration: ['responsive', 'hover', 'focus'],
textTransform: ['responsive'],
textOverflow: ['responsive'],
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