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…list over default browserslist (#11402)

* exclude `Features.LogicalProperties` lightningcss feature

We don't want this to automatically apply since we have dedicated
logical property based utilities already.

We also have a feature flag to toggle some utilities to make use of
logical property based ones.

This feature should be opt-in to prevent backwards compatibility (e.g.:
RTL sites that _did_ use a mr-4 explicitly).

* update default browserslist

* explicitly include/exclude Lightning CSS features

* update tests based on new browserslist and include/exclude features from Lightning CSS

* update integration tests

* prefer user browserslist, fallback to built-in browserslist

* always include Nesting

If a custom browserslist config is used, then we don't explicitly set
the include/exclude features from Lightning CSS (except for nesting, we
always want to process nesting)

* ensure to fallback to the current working directory

* update changelog

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