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Taoensso open source
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Realtime web comms for Clojure/Script applications

Sente is a small client+server library that makes it easy to build realtime web applications with Clojure + ClojureScript.

Loosely inspired by Socket.IO, it uses core.async, WebSockets, and Ajax under the hood to provide a simple high-level API that enables reliable, high-performance, bidirectional communications.

Sen-te (先手) is a Japanese Go term used to describe a play with such an overwhelming follow-up that it demands an immediate response, leaving its player with the initiative.

Latest release/s

Main tests Graal tests

See here for earlier releases.

Why Sente?

  • Bidirectional a/sync comms over WebSockets with auto Ajax fallback
  • It just works: auto keep-alive, buffering, protocol selection, reconnects
  • Efficient design with auto event batching for low-bandwidth use, even over Ajax
  • Send arbitrary Clojure vals over edn or Transit (JSON, MessagePack, etc.)
  • Tiny, easy-to-use API
  • Support for users simultaneously connected with multiple clients and/or devices
  • Realtime info on which users are connected, and over which protocols
  • Standard Ring security model: auth as you like, HTTPS when available, CSRF support, etc.
  • Support for several popular web servers, easily extended to other servers.


Protocol client>server client>server + ack/reply server>user push
WebSockets ✓ (native) ✓ (emulated) ✓ (native)
Ajax ✓ (emulated) ✓ (native) ✓ (emulated)

So you can ignore the underlying protocol and deal directly with Sente's unified API that exposes the best of both WebSockets (bidirectionality + performance) and Ajax (optional ack/reply).



You can help support continued work on this project, thank you!! 🙏


Copyright © 2012-2023 Peter Taoussanis.
Licensed under EPL 1.0 (same as Clojure).