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In version 1.8, the plugin War now has support for displaying multiple languages.

War has full support for the following languages:

  • United States Flag English en
  • French Flag French fr
  • Spanish Flag Spanish es
  • German Flag German de
  • Polish Flag Polish pl
  • Norwegian Flag Norwegian no
  • Russian Flag Russian ru
  • South Korean Flag Korean ko_KR
  • Add new language...

Switching server languages:

/warcfg language:TAG      | where TAG is one of the short two-letter or 5-character country code for the language, e.g.:
/warcfg language:fr       | switch War to French language

By default War should use your operating system's language or the one specified by the java flag user.language.

New language development progress:

Chart displaying percentage of plugin messages translated per-language

War translations are provided by the community and therefore may contain errata. If you spot an error in a translation or you would like to contribute translations for a new language, you may request to be a translator. If there is an issue you would like to report, please let us know on the mailing list as well when you apply.

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