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This Getting Started guide will show you how to implement a social graph and a news feed in your app using the powerful Tapglue API. Our detailed reference documentation will then help you to build the perfect use case for your application.

Before we jump into the implementation, here is a simple example of what a social layer built with the Tapglue API could look like:


Using the Tapglue API makes it super easy to build these kind of experiences.

These simple steps are the basis to create great use cases on top of our API, build your own community and provide a rich social experience to your users.

Our API was designed to provide you with the best possible flexibility. You can enrich your news feed with metadata or deep links that send users to specific objects.

We have built a highly scalable system with state of the art technology so you don't have to worry about handling servers. We want to enable you to build the best possible user experience and let you focus on your growth.

Create application

To start using the Tapglue API you need a token.

TBD - Toke creation

This access token enables you to start using the Tapglue API. You are now ready to do your first requests and create users.

It is essential that you secure your tokens and not expose it to others. See it as your applications password for using Tapglue.

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