The user object

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User objects are the main entities to identify the users of your app. If the user doesn't already exist in your app, you need to create them first in order to track events or provide a feed.

Attribute Type Description
id integer Unique user identifier from us
id_string string Unique user identifier from us
custom_id string Unique user identifier from you
social_ids string List of ids for social networks
user_name string Username
password string User password
first_name string First name of the user
last_name string Last name of the user
about string Information about the user
email string Email address of the user
url string URL to the user profile in the app**
images map Images associated with the user
metadata string Custom payload associated with the user
private object Private fields that can be written with a backend token.
is_friend bool Specifies if the user is a friend (with current user)
is_follower bool Specifies if the user is a follower (of current user)
is_followed bool Specified if the user is followed (by current user)
friend_count integer Number of friends
follower_count integer Number of followers
followed_count integer Number of followings

Social IDs

To link a user with an ID from another social network, we've created the social_ids field. Here is an example of how they have to look like:

  "social_ids": {
    "facebook": "fb12345",
    "twitter": "tw12345"


You can send a set of images that you associated with each event.

Attribute Type Description
type string Type of the image
url string URL of the image
height integer Height of the image
width integer Width of the image
  "images": {
    "avatar": {
      "url": "",
      "height": 400,
      "width": 400
      "avatar_thumb": {
      "url": "",
      "height": 100,
      "width": 100


You can send private keys with a backend token only.

Key Description Example
type Type of the user. "type": "celebrity"
verified Status is the user is verified. "verified": true
    "private": {
        "type": "celebrity",
        "verified": true
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