The Tari protocol
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The Tari protocol

Code organisation

The code follows a domain-driven design layout, with top-level folders falling into infrastructure, domain, or application layers.

The infrastructure folder contains code that is not Tari-specific. It holds the following crates:

  • comms: The networking and messaging subsystem
  • crypto: All cryptographic services, including a Curve25519 implementation
  • storage: Data persistence services, including LMDB

The base_layer is a domain-level folder and contains:

  • core: common classes and traits, such as Transactions and Blocks
  • blockchain: The Tari consensus code
  • mempool: The unconfirmed transaction pool implementation
  • mining: The merge-mining modules
  • p2p: The block and transaction propagation module
  • api: interfaces for clients and wallets to interact with the base layer components

The digital_assets_layer is a domain-level folder contains code related to the management of native Tari digital assets. Substructure TBD.

It's envisaged that at least the following applications are built on top of the domain layer libraries:

  • A standalone miner (tari_miner)
  • A pool miner (tari_pool_miner)
  • A CLI wallet for the Tari cryptocurrency (cli_wallet)
  • A full node executable (tari_basenode)