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Highlight TODO and similar keywords in comments and strings

To highlight keywords turn on hl-todo-mode in individual buffers or use the global variant global-hl-todo-mode.

You can customize the keywords that are recognized by customizing hl-todo-keyword-faces either through the customization interface or by setting the variable directly in your init file, for example:

(setq hl-todo-keyword-faces
      '(("TODO"   . "#FF0000")
        ("FIXME"  . "#FF0000")
        ("DEBUG"  . "#A020F0")
        ("GOTCHA" . "#FF4500")
        ("STUB"   . "#1E90FF")))

This package also provides commands for moving to the next or previous keyword, to invoke occur with a regexp that matches all known keywords, and to insert a keyword. If you want to use these commands, then you should bind them in hl-todo-mode-map, e.g.:

(keymap-set hl-todo-mode-map "C-c p" #'hl-todo-previous)
(keymap-set hl-todo-mode-map "C-c n" #'hl-todo-next)
(keymap-set hl-todo-mode-map "C-c o" #'hl-todo-occur)
(keymap-set hl-todo-mode-map "C-c i" #'hl-todo-insert)

See this list on the Emacswiki for other packages that implement the same basic features, but which might also provide additional features that you might like, but which I don’t deem necessary.

See FAQ and Common Issues if something isn’t working as expected.

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