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🦒 An opinionated static site generator written in Go


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Giraffe: An opinionated static site generator

I want to start 2022 by writing a static site generator that is used by my personal website (

About the name Giraffe it's inspired by my son. He's a fan of giraffes.


Use Homebrew:

brew tap tatthien/giraffe # You only need to do this once.
brew install giraffe

For development build:

go get

For non-Go users:

curl -sf | sh


giraffe help: Print the usage guide.

$ giraffe help
Giraffe: An opinionated static site generator

Usage: giraffe [command] [arguments]

Available commands:
  serve        Serve the site
  new [path]   Create new content for your site
  version      Print the version number of Giraffe

giraffe: Build everything into dist folder.

Sample output:

$ giraffe

Start building site...

  Content        | Total
  Pages          | 11
  Tags           | 14
  Post types     | 2

Build time 37.167845ms

giraffe serve: Serving the site at localhost:3333 for preview (:3333 is the default port, you can change it in config.yaml). It also rebuilds the site when a file in contents and theme changes.

giraffe new [path]: Quickly create a new markdown file insert the content directory.

# This command will create a new file inside /content/posts and automatically set the date.
$ giraffe new posts/

giraffe version: Show the latest version.

Sample output:

$ giraffe version


There are some options that you can change in config.yaml.

baseURL: <site base url>
title: <site title>
description: <site description>
port: <server port>
content: <content directory path>
dist: <dist directory path>

How to write posts?

All content should be localed in /content/>post-type> folder, in markdown format. Each post should have frontmatter and content:

title: <string>
description: <string>
date: YYYY-MM-DD
draft: <boolean> # This is the item status. Set ` if you don't want to publish the item.
tags: <string>, <string>
featuredImage: <string>


Each folder inside content is corresponding to a post type. For example:

  • The folder /content/posts/ contains all items which it post type is posts
  • The folder /content/pages contains all items which it post type is pages



Copyright (c) 2022-present, Thien Nguyen