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Deploying Signatures to Existing Clojars Artifacts

It's great to get in the habit of signing your jars as you deploy them. However, you may have already deployed old versions of your library before you got in the habit of signing. If this is the case, don't fret! It's easy to sign your existing artifacts and deploy the signatures back to Clojars.

Unfortunately there's a bug in Leiningen that's just been fixed on master, so if you try this with 2.4.2 or older it will try to deploy mylib-1.3.asc, which is the wrong thing.

First get the artifacts. They're most likely already in your ~/.m2/repository directory, but there is a chance the local copy may not match the remote copy exactly, so it's best to delete these first and force them to be re-fetched. Create a dummy project that depends on the artifacts you want to sign and run lein deps :verify to force them to get pulled in. Before you sign them, you should open up the jar file and pom file to confirm that their contents are correct.

Signing artifacts you have not confirmed that you trust defeats the whole purpose of the signature. If the jar file contains .class files, then it's basically impossible to inspect, and you should not sign it. Instead simply deploy a new version that is signed.

TODO: write a lein plugin that can check out a git tag, generate a jar, and diff the contents of the jar with Clojars's copy of the jar, prompt the user to say whether the diff is trivial (timestamp, generated-by versions, etc) and deploy the signature if so.

What you don't want to do is simply re-generate the jar files and pom files from your checkout and deploy those signatures, because the timestamps of the newly-generated versions will differ from the deployed artifacts, and your signatures will not match the artifacts on Clojars.

If they check out, copy them from ~/.m2/repository into your project directory and sign them:

$ cp ~/.m2/repository/mylib/mylib/1.3.1/mylib-1.3.1.{jar,pom} .
$ gpg -ab mylib-1.3.1.jar
$ gpg -ab mylib-1.3.1.pom

Next deploy the signatures:

$ lein deploy clojars mylib 1.3.1 mylib-1.3.1.jar.asc mylib-1.3.1.pom.asc

That should do the trick. Switch to the dummy project that depends on your library and run lein deps :verify again to confirm that the signatures are picked up correctly.