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midenok and FooBarrior MDEV-15412 For any non-existing transaction ID, AS OF provides the cu…
…rrent table contents without a warning

Fail with error on non-existing TRX_ID.
Latest commit a1227b1 Jul 31, 2018
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BUILD Renamed compile-pentium scripts to compile-pentium32 Apr 16, 2018
Docs Misc. typos Apr 5, 2018
client MDEV-16355 Add option for mysqldump to read data as of specific times… Jul 20, 2018
cmake MDEV-16424 replace cmake/bison.cmake with cmake's builtin FindBison m… Jun 8, 2018
dbug Misc. typos Apr 5, 2018
debian Deb: Disable PIE in debian/rules on older Debian/Ubuntu releases Jun 2, 2018
extra Merge 10.2 into 10.3 Jun 18, 2018
include moved include <cmath> from my_global.h May 26, 2018
libmariadb @ a12a0b8 update C/C May 21, 2018
libmysqld MDEV-16424 replace cmake/bison.cmake with cmake's builtin FindBison m… Jun 8, 2018
libservices Remove compiler warnings Jan 30, 2018
man MDEV-12645 - mysql_install_db: no install test db option Apr 30, 2018
mysql-test MDEV-15412 For any non-existing transaction ID, AS OF provides the cu… Jul 30, 2018
mysys Make MariaDB CRC32-lib platform independence (#780) Jun 1, 2018
mysys_ssl MDEV-15513 use EVP_MD_CTX_{new,free} instead of EVP_MD_CTX_{create, d… May 21, 2018
pcre Merge branch '10.1' into 10.2 May 10, 2018
plugin Merge 10.2 into 10.3 May 12, 2018
randgen/conf Group commit for maria engine. Feb 12, 2010
scripts MDEV-16825 SIGSEGV after SIGINT in bootstrap mode Jul 30, 2018
sql-bench Added more test to sql-bench Apr 30, 2018
sql-common client.c: set connect attributes as late as possible Jun 3, 2018
sql MDEV-15412 For any non-existing transaction ID, AS OF provides the cu… Jul 30, 2018
storage MDEV-15990: REPLACE on a precise-versioned table returns duplicate ke… Jul 20, 2018
strings Add likely/unlikely to speed up execution May 6, 2018
support-files Merge 10.2 into 10.3 Jun 7, 2018
tests Merge 10.2 into 10.3 May 17, 2018
unittest After-merge fixes May 30, 2018
vio Make possible to use clang on Windows (clang-cl) Feb 20, 2018
win MDEV-16345 : No upgrade wizard in 10.3 in Windows packages. May 30, 2018
wsrep Prevent building WSREP without INNODB Feb 15, 2018
zlib Build improvements and cleanups. Sep 8, 2017
.gitattributes Merge branch '10.0' into 10.1 May 5, 2018
.gitignore .gitignore Jun 16, 2018
.gitmodules Use https instead of ssh(git@) for rocksdb submodule. Nov 15, 2016 Lean down compilation when running travis with rpl Dec 29, 2017
.travis.yml Travis-CI: clean up cruft and add more in-line commments Nov 21, 2017
BUILD-CMAKE Minor spelling fixes in code comments, docs and output Jan 12, 2018
CMakeLists.txt Make MariaDB CRC32-lib platform independence (#780) Jun 1, 2018
COPYING Import GPLv2,tokudb License Apr 17, 2013
COPYING.thirdparty Correct FSF address Mar 10, 2017
CREDITS Update contributors Apr 5, 2018
EXCEPTIONS-CLIENT MDEV-5645 MariaDB-5.5.35 - references are made to an "EXCEPTIONS-CLIE… May 31, 2014
INSTALL-SOURCE Update AskMonty and Atlassian references to MariaDB Mar 8, 2016
INSTALL-WIN-SOURCE Update AskMonty and Atlassian references to MariaDB Mar 8, 2016
KNOWN_BUGS.txt various documentation updates Jun 18, 2012 Better Link Spacing Jun 1, 2018
VERSION bump the VERSION May 25, 2018
appveyor.yml Add some hints for finding bison on its usual locations on Windows. Feb 14, 2018
config.h.cmake Cleanup log2() portability checks May 26, 2018
configure.cmake Cleanup log2() portability checks May 26, 2018

MariaDB: drop-in replacement for MySQL

MariaDB is designed as a drop-in replacement of MySQL(R) with more features, new storage engines, fewer bugs, and better performance.

MariaDB is brought to you by the MariaDB Foundation. Please read the CREDITS file for details about the MariaDB Foundation, and who is developing MariaDB.

MariaDB is developed by many of the original developers of MySQL who now work for the MariaDB Foundation and the MariaDB Corporation, and by many people in the community.

MySQL, which is the base of MariaDB, is a product and trademark of Oracle Corporation, Inc. For a list of developers and other contributors, see the Credits appendix. You can also run 'SHOW authors' to get a list of active contributors.

A description of the MariaDB project and a manual can be found at:

As MariaDB is a full replacement of MySQL, the MySQL manual at is generally applicable.


More help is available from the Maria Discuss mailing list and the #maria IRC channel on Freenode.



MariaDB is specifically available only under version 2 of the GNU General Public License (GPLv2). (I.e. Without the "any later version" clause.) This is inherited from MySQL. Please see the README file in the MySQL distribution for more information.

License information can be found in the COPYING, COPYING.LESSER, and COPYING.thirdparty files.

Bug Reports:

Bug and/or error reports regarding MariaDB should be submitted at

Bugs in the MySQL code can also be submitted at

The code for MariaDB, including all revision history, can be found at:

Code status:

  • tests status (10.2 branch)