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MariaDB server is a community developed fork of MySQL server. Started by core members of the original MySQL team, MariaDB actively works with outside developers to deliver the most featureful, stable, and sanely licensed open SQL server in the industry.
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Latest commit 3c0e9d3 @spetrunia spetrunia Fix a typo (this is not a user-visible bug as currently there are
no engines that don't support HA_READ_PREV)
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BUILD disable innodb on sol10-64
Docs MDEV-6247: Merge 10.0-galera to 10.1.
client Merge branch '10.0' into 10.1
cmake Merge branch '10.1' into bb-10.1-serg
dbug dbug: correct trace for DBUG_RETURN(func()); -- gcc only
debian Merge branch 'github/10.0-galera' into 10.1
extra Merge branch '10.0' into 10.1
include Fix warning about unused variable if FD_CLOEXEC is not defined
libmysql Merge branch '10.0' into 10.1
libmysqld fix func_hybrid_type crash in --ps --embedded
libservices rename {sys_vars,sql_plugin_services}.h -> *.ic
man Merge branch '10.0' into 10.1
mysql-test MDEV-9178 Wrong result for CAST(CONVERT('1IJ3' USING ucs2) AS SIGNED)
mysys Merge branch '10.0' into 10.1
mysys_ssl New encryption API. Piece-wise encryption.
pcre Merge branch '10.0' into 10.1
plugin Merge branch '10.1' into bb-10.1-serg
randgen/conf Group commit for maria engine.
scripts Fix syntax error in
sql-bench Merge branch '10.0' into merge-wip
sql-common compilation warning
sql Fix a typo (this is not a user-visible bug as currently there are
storage MDEV-9128 - Compiling on IBM System Z fails
strings MDEV-9178 Wrong result for CAST(CONVERT('1IJ3' USING ucs2) AS SIGNED)
support-files Merge branch 'github/10.0-galera' into 10.1
tests add missing DBUG_RETURN-s
unittest make encrypt-binlog and encrypt-tmp-files to fail if no encryption
vio MDEV-8957 [PATCH] Useless ssl_ctx_set_tmp_dh call in libmysql
win Merge branch 'connect/10.1' into 10.1
wsrep fix build on sol10-64
zlib Backport from trunk:
.gitattributes .gitattributes: pcre/testdata/greppatN4 -text
.gitignore Ignore tokudb tool
BUILD-CMAKE various documentation updates
CMakeLists.txt cleanup
COPYING Import GPLv2,tokudb License
COPYING.LESSER MWL#192: non-blocking client API, after-review fixes.
COPYING.thirdparty split README into the actual README and third-party licenses
CREDITS Updated sponsors and authors
EXCEPTIONS-CLIENT MDEV-5645 MariaDB-5.5.35 - references are made to an "EXCEPTIONS-CLIE…
INSTALL-SOURCE Removed the obsolete instructions from the MySQL 5.1 manual. Instead …
INSTALL-WIN-SOURCE various documentation updates
KNOWN_BUGS.txt various documentation updates
README split README into the actual README and third-party licenses
VERSION Increased the version number
config.h.cmake Merge branch '10.0' into 10.1
configure.cmake Merge branch '10.0' into 10.1


MariaDB is designed as a drop-in replacement of MySQL(R) with more
features, new storage engines, fewer bugs, and better performance.

MariaDB is brought to you by the MariaDB foundation.
Please read the file CREDITS for details about the MariaDB foundation,
and who is developing MariaDB.

MariaDB is developed by many of the original developers of MySQL who
now work for MariadB foundation and SkySQL Ab, and by many people in
the community.

MySQL, which is the base of MariaDB, is a product and trademark of Oracle
Corporation, Inc. For a list of developers and other contributors,
see the Credits appendix.  You can also do 'SHOW authors' to get a
list of active contributors.

A description of the MariaDB project and a manual can be found at:

As MariaDB is a full replacement of MySQL, the MySQL manual at is generally applicable.

More help is available from the Maria Discuss mailing list
and the #maria IRC channel on Freenode.



MariaDB is specifically available only under version 2 of the GNU
General Public License (GPLv2). (I.e. Without the "any later version"
clause.) This is inherited from MySQL. Please see the README file in
the MySQL distribution for more information.

License information can be found in the COPYING, COPYING.LESSER,
and COPYING.thirdparty files.



Bug and/or error reports regarding MariaDB should be submitted at

Bugs in the MySQL code can also be submitted at

The code for MariaDB, including all revision history, can be found at:

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