@furkan3ayraktar furkan3ayraktar released this Nov 19, 2018 · 3 commits to master since this release


  • A bug introduced in the v0.2.0 where components had wrong resources names is fixed now. Also the wrong symbolic links inside systems and environments related to resources also fixed. (#14 and #24)
  • A bug in deps command where you don't have (:require ...) as the first statement in your namespace declaration is fixed. (#20)


  • Added a section on Readme documentation to explain how to use emacs/cider together with Polylith. (#15)
  • Unset $CLASSPATH while calling shell commands within the plugin. Not doing this prints out a warning on machines running operating system different than MacOS. (#16)

All PRs included in this release

  • Fixes symbolic link errors related to resources folder name (#25)
  • Allow the :require statement to occur in any order in import statements (#22)
  • Resources folder has wrong name (#21)
  • Add Emacs/CIDER section to readme (#19)
  • Unset lein CLASSPATH in nested sh (#18)
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