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Magenta Demos

This repository contains various demonstrations of Magenta models. For the Magenta library and models, see our main repo.

  • AI Duet: A browser-based piano that responds to, demonstrating a Magenta note sequence generation model. Built by Yotam Mann with friends on the Magenta and Creative Lab teams at Google. A hosted version is available as an AI Experiment.
  • AI Jam (Ableton): A demonstration of several Magenta note sequence generation models originally developed as a demonstration for NIPS 2016. Requires an installation of Ableton Live and MaxForLive. You can watch a video of this demo in action on our blog.
  • AI Jam (JavaScript): A demonstration that combines much of the functionality of the AI Jam demo with the browser-based interface of the AI Duet demo. Can be set up much more easily than the Ableton version.
  • Jupyter Notebooks: Jupyter notebooks for all Magenta projects.
  • NSynth: Two demonstrations of our neural audio synthesis method.
  • Performance RNN Browser Demo: Port of the Performance RNN model to the TensorFlow.js environment.
  • Sketch-RNN: A JavaScript implementation of our Sketch-RNN algorithm, along with 100 pre-trained models.
  • Piano Genie: The user interface for Piano Genie, a demo that allows you to control a full piano via an intelligent 8-button interface.