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## [3.0.0](v2.9.3...v3.0.0) (2022-09-12)


* Added support for origin_access_control_id, bumped AWS provider version (#79)

### Features

* Added support for origin_access_control_id, bumped AWS provider version ([#79](#79)) ([403ca24](403ca24))

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AWS CloudFront Terraform module

Terraform module which creates AWS CloudFront resources with all (or almost all) features provided by Terraform AWS provider.


CloudFront distribution with versioning enabled

module "cdn" {
  source = "terraform-aws-modules/cloudfront/aws"

  aliases = [""]

  comment             = "My awesome CloudFront"
  enabled             = true
  is_ipv6_enabled     = true
  price_class         = "PriceClass_All"
  retain_on_delete    = false
  wait_for_deployment = false

  create_origin_access_identity = true
  origin_access_identities = {
    s3_bucket_one = "My awesome CloudFront can access"

  logging_config = {
    bucket = ""

  origin = {
    something = {
      domain_name = ""
      custom_origin_config = {
        http_port              = 80
        https_port             = 443
        origin_protocol_policy = "match-viewer"
        origin_ssl_protocols   = ["TLSv1", "TLSv1.1", "TLSv1.2"]

    s3_one = {
      domain_name = ""
      s3_origin_config = {
        origin_access_identity = "s3_bucket_one"

  default_cache_behavior = {
    target_origin_id           = "something"
    viewer_protocol_policy     = "allow-all"

    allowed_methods = ["GET", "HEAD", "OPTIONS"]
    cached_methods  = ["GET", "HEAD"]
    compress        = true
    query_string    = true

  ordered_cache_behavior = [
      path_pattern           = "/static/*"
      target_origin_id       = "s3_one"
      viewer_protocol_policy = "redirect-to-https"

      allowed_methods = ["GET", "HEAD", "OPTIONS"]
      cached_methods  = ["GET", "HEAD"]
      compress        = true
      query_string    = true

  viewer_certificate = {
    acm_certificate_arn = "arn:aws:acm:us-east-1:135367859851:certificate/1032b155-22da-4ae0-9f69-e206f825458b"
    ssl_support_method  = "sni-only"


  • Complete - Complete example which creates AWS CloudFront distribution and integrates it with other terraform-aws-modules to create additional resources: S3 buckets, Lambda Functions, CloudFront Functions, ACM Certificate, Route53 Records.


Name Version
terraform >= 0.13.1
aws >= 4.29


Name Version
aws >= 4.29


No modules.


Name Type
aws_cloudfront_distribution.this resource
aws_cloudfront_monitoring_subscription.this resource
aws_cloudfront_origin_access_identity.this resource


Name Description Type Default Required
aliases Extra CNAMEs (alternate domain names), if any, for this distribution. list(string) null no
comment Any comments you want to include about the distribution. string null no
create_distribution Controls if CloudFront distribution should be created bool true no
create_monitoring_subscription If enabled, the resource for monitoring subscription will created. bool false no
create_origin_access_identity Controls if CloudFront origin access identity should be created bool false no
custom_error_response One or more custom error response elements any {} no
default_cache_behavior The default cache behavior for this distribution any null no
default_root_object The object that you want CloudFront to return (for example, index.html) when an end user requests the root URL. string null no
enabled Whether the distribution is enabled to accept end user requests for content. bool true no
geo_restriction The restriction configuration for this distribution (geo_restrictions) any {} no
http_version The maximum HTTP version to support on the distribution. Allowed values are http1.1 and http2. The default is http2. string "http2" no
is_ipv6_enabled Whether the IPv6 is enabled for the distribution. bool null no
logging_config The logging configuration that controls how logs are written to your distribution (maximum one). any {} no
ordered_cache_behavior An ordered list of cache behaviors resource for this distribution. List from top to bottom in order of precedence. The topmost cache behavior will have precedence 0. any [] no
origin One or more origins for this distribution (multiples allowed). any null no
origin_access_identities Map of CloudFront origin access identities (value as a comment) map(string) {} no
origin_group One or more origin_group for this distribution (multiples allowed). any {} no
price_class The price class for this distribution. One of PriceClass_All, PriceClass_200, PriceClass_100 string null no
realtime_metrics_subscription_status A flag that indicates whether additional CloudWatch metrics are enabled for a given CloudFront distribution. Valid values are Enabled and Disabled. string "Enabled" no
retain_on_delete Disables the distribution instead of deleting it when destroying the resource through Terraform. If this is set, the distribution needs to be deleted manually afterwards. bool false no
tags A map of tags to assign to the resource. map(string) null no
viewer_certificate The SSL configuration for this distribution any
"cloudfront_default_certificate": true,
"minimum_protocol_version": "TLSv1"
wait_for_deployment If enabled, the resource will wait for the distribution status to change from InProgress to Deployed. Setting this tofalse will skip the process. bool true no
web_acl_id If you're using AWS WAF to filter CloudFront requests, the Id of the AWS WAF web ACL that is associated with the distribution. The WAF Web ACL must exist in the WAF Global (CloudFront) region and the credentials configuring this argument must have waf:GetWebACL permissions assigned. If using WAFv2, provide the ARN of the web ACL. string null no


Name Description
cloudfront_distribution_arn The ARN (Amazon Resource Name) for the distribution.
cloudfront_distribution_caller_reference Internal value used by CloudFront to allow future updates to the distribution configuration.
cloudfront_distribution_domain_name The domain name corresponding to the distribution.
cloudfront_distribution_etag The current version of the distribution's information.
cloudfront_distribution_hosted_zone_id The CloudFront Route 53 zone ID that can be used to route an Alias Resource Record Set to.
cloudfront_distribution_id The identifier for the distribution.
cloudfront_distribution_in_progress_validation_batches The number of invalidation batches currently in progress.
cloudfront_distribution_last_modified_time The date and time the distribution was last modified.
cloudfront_distribution_status The current status of the distribution. Deployed if the distribution's information is fully propagated throughout the Amazon CloudFront system.
cloudfront_distribution_tags Tags of the distribution's
cloudfront_distribution_trusted_signers List of nested attributes for active trusted signers, if the distribution is set up to serve private content with signed URLs
cloudfront_monitoring_subscription_id The ID of the CloudFront monitoring subscription, which corresponds to the distribution_id.
cloudfront_origin_access_identities The origin access identities created
cloudfront_origin_access_identity_iam_arns The IAM arns of the origin access identities created
cloudfront_origin_access_identity_ids The IDS of the origin access identities created


Module is maintained by Anton Babenko with help from these awesome contributors:


Apache 2 Licensed. See LICENSE for full details.