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A web crawler that fetches K-pop song details and lyrics from top charts
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kpop_crawler is a web crawler that fetches song details and lyrics from Korean top chart websites. It implements the Scrapy framework and contains spiders that extend from scrapy.Spider.

Note: This project is in its early stages and is subject to (very) frequent changes. However, feel free to use or refer to it for your own use!


The bugs_chart spider fetches information in the following structure:

attributes date rank title lyrics artist featuring composer lyricist arranger album time
example values 20170706 1 팔레트 (Feat. G-DRAGON) 이상하게도 요즘엔 그냥 쉬운 게 좋아\r\n... 아이유(IU) G-DRAGON 아이유(IU) 아이유(IU) [empty] Palette 03:37


Information is scraped from the following websites:



From the base directory, run the following Scrapy command from your terminal:

scrapy crawl bugs-chart -o lyrics.csv

To save the output in JSON format,

scrapy crawl bugs-chart -o lyrics.json


The crawler is meant to be used for non-commercial purposes only (e.g. for sating one's own curiosity), and the information fetched should not be shared without permission of the rightful owners. When using the crawler, one should send requests at a reasonable rate.

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