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5 Day Training Agenda

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This agenda describes at a very high-level a 5 day curriculum, but can easily be compressed to four days (or less, if some content isn't relevant or a high priority).

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Intro Debrief Debrief Debrief Debrief
AM • Overview
Identify Learning Goals
• Survey of Tools
One Good Test
• Roman Numeral Kata
• [[Detroit TDD
Detroit-school TDD]]
• Test Suite DesignDon't mock what you don't own
Bank OCR Kata in Cucumber
Refactoring Legacy code with tests
Gilded Rose Kata
• [[Frameworks
PM • [[Set up machines Environment Setup]]
• Explain HelloWorld tests
One good test
• [[Test Doubles Test Double]]
• [[Math Kata
Arithmetic Kata]]
• [[London TDD
Retro Retro Retro Retro Retro


To add some watching to all the reading in this wiki, here are some conference talks you might be interested in watching that pertain to testing and open source: