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This wiki presents some notes on testing.


It's still very much a work-in-progress, so feel free to peruse any pages that interest you. Perhaps the most novel aspect to this repo right now is the discussion of the trade-off between regression safety in testing and design. There will also be a discussion of Detroit-school and London-school TDD, as that isn't well articulated on the Internet, as far as I know.


This wiki has been a long time coming to help short-circuit conversations about concepts core to software testing that I'm tired of repeating. The first catalyst to actually working on it has been a 5-day training event. In the fall of 2015, it'll support the development of this talk at a handful of conferences across the US.


Because the articles in this wiki constitute both explanation and advice, they will occasionally slip into first-person speech. At the present time, the only author is Justin Searls, so any references to "Me", "I", etc., refer to him. If, down the road, others contribute to this wiki, then first-person voice should be read as a consensus of their opinions unless otherwise noted.

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