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It seems that recently yowsup gets detected during registration resulting in an instant ban for your number right after registering with the code you receive by sms/voice. I'd strongly recommend to not attempt registration through yowsup until I look further into this. Follow the status of this here.

yowsup is a python library that enables building applications that can communicate with WhatsApp users. The project started as the protocol engine behind Wazapp for Meego and OpenWA for BB10. Now as a standalone library it can be used to power any custom WhatsApp client.

updated: 2019-05-07
yowsup version: 3.2.3
yowsup-cli version: 3.2.0
- python>=2.7,<=3.7
- consonance==0.1.3-1
- python-axolotl==0.2.2
- protobuf>=3.6.0
- six==1.10
 - argparse [yowsup-cli]
 - readline [yowsup-cli]
 - pillow [send images]
 - tqdm [mediasink demo]
 - requests [mediasink demo]

See also

During maintenance of yowsup, several projects have been spawned out in order to support different features that get introduced by WhatsApp. Some of those features are not necessarily exclusive to WhatsApp and therefore it only made sense to maintain some parts as standalone projects:



Install using to pull all Python dependencies, or pip:

pip install yowsup


You need to have installed Python headers (probably from python-dev package) and ncurses-dev, then run

python install

FreeBSD (*BSD)

You need to have installed: py27-pip-7.1.2(+), py27-sqlite3-2.7.11_7(+), then run

pip install yowsup

Mac OS

python install

Administrators privileges might be required, if so then run with 'sudo'


  • Install mingw compiler
  • Add mingw to your PATH
  • In PYTHONPATH\Lib\distutils create a file called distutils.cfg and add these lines:
  • Install gcc: mingw-get.exe install gcc
  • Install zlib
  • python install


As of January 1, 2015 yowsup is licensed under the GPLv3+:

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