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Batch-rename files using Vim
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vimv is a terminal-based file rename utility that lets you easily mass-rename files using Vim.


curl > ~/bin/vimv && chmod +755 ~/bin/vimv

Or simply copy the vimv file to a location in your $PATH and make it executable.


  1. Go to a directory and enter vimv with optionally, a list of files to rename.
  2. A Vim window will be opened with names of all files.
  3. Use Vim's text editing features to edit the names of files. For example, search and replace a particular string, or use visual selection to delete a block.
  4. Save and exit. Your files should be renamed now.

Other features

  • If you want to list only a group of files, you can pass them as an argument. eg: vimv *.mp4
  • If you have an $EDITOR environment variable set, vimv will use its value by default.
  • If you are inside a Git directory, vimv will use git mv (instead of mv) to rename the files.


alt text


Don't delete or swap the lines while in Vim or things will get ugly.

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