A curated list to learn about distributed systems
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A (hopefully) curated list on awesome material on distributed systems, inspired by other awesome frameworks like awesome-python. Most links will tend to be readings on architecture itself rather than code itself.


Read things here before you start.



Must read papers on distributed systems. While nearly all of Lamport's work should feature here, just adding a few that must be read.

Storage & Databases

Messaging systems

Distributed Consensus and Fault-Tolerance

Testing, monitoring and tracing

While designing distributed systems are hard enough, testing them is even harder.

Programming Models

Verification of Distributed Systems

  • Jepsen A framework for distributed systems verification, with fault injection @aphyr has featured enough times in this list already, but Jepsen and the blog posts that go with are a quintessntial addition to any distributed systems reading list.
  • Verdi A Framework for Implementing and Formally Verifying Distributed Systems Paper



Blogs and other reading links

Meta Lists

Other lists like this one