Code folding extension for brackets IDE
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###Please read From release 1.3, code folding will be integrated into Brackets (although without custom region folding). This repository is still active for users who are running Brackets versions less than 1.3. If you are running 1.3 and would like custom region code folding you can find it here.

#Code folding for Brackets A code folding extension for Brackets based on CodeMirror's folding addon. Peforms code folding based on brace ({}, []) matching and multiline comments for javascript, json, css, php and less files. Also has some support for html and xml files based on tag matching.

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  1. Define custom regions in any language recognised in Brackets by creating a line comment whose first word is region to designate the beginning of a region, and another line comment whose first word is endregion to designate the end of a region

  2. Collapse or expand all foldable child regions by holding down the Alt-key while clicking on fold triangles (as found in OSX Finder).

  3. Fold states are persisted to preferences file.

How to install

Navigate to Brackets > File > Install Extension and paste url

####Or manually

  1. Download
  2. Unzip in user folder in Brackets > Help > Show Extensions Folder
  3. Restart or Reload Brackets

Keyboard shortcuts

The following are the default keyboard shortcut keys for the code-folding extension.

Ctrl-Alt-C Collapse code region at current cursor position
Ctrl-Alt-X Expand code region at current cursor position
Alt-1 Collapse all code regions in current editor
Shift-Alt-1 Expand all code regions in current editor

##Known Issues

Conflicting keyboard shortcuts

**If any of the shortcut keys above conflict with your keyboard or you would prefer to use another shortcut key for any reason, you can remap the keys as described here. **

The following are CommandIds for remmaping keys

codefolding.collapse.all                **collapses all regions**
codefolding.collapse                    **collapses current region**
codefolding.expand                      **expands current region**
codefolding.expand.all                  **expands all code regions in file**
codefolding.collapse.customregions      **collapses all custom regions in the file **
codefolding.settings                    **show code folding settings dialog**

EdgeCode support

If you are running edge code, the latest compatible version is v0.2.7. You can download and install from this url.




CodeMirror folding addon.


Brackets Sprint 38 or later.