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A collection of sounds from places I've been
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Sounds from Places

This is an interactive map of places I've been to, and about a minute of ambient sounds from those places 🎙. For example, here's NYC's High Line.

Photos and videos are great for remembering memories, but sometimes I really just want to sink in to feeling like I were really there, so I've been collecting these sounds from places, so when I want to feel like I'm back home, I can just tune into the right place, wherever I am. So this is the result! You can drag around on the map, look at the list of places I've collected already, and listen to some of my favorite places / travel locations. Happy Listening!


Want to deploy your own version?

  • Download your copy of the repo with git clone
  • yarn install or npm install the few dependencies we have
  • You can add your own sounds by adding .mp3 files to /static/mp3 and adding new entries to /static/js/sounds.js
  • Build a new version with yarn build or npm run build. This will give you a new static site in ./dist/ that you can deploy anywhere. I recommend surge and Netlify.

If you follow the instructions above, you should be able to build your own version of sounds from places! If you run into problems, please feel free to open an issue.

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