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+After 9 months of development, it's now time for Codesake::Dawn security source
+code scanner first major release.
+Codesake::Dawn is a static analysis security scanner for ruby written web applications.
+It supports [Sinatra](,
+[Padrino]( and [Ruby on Rails](
+Version 1.0 introduces 142 security checks against public bulletins since 2006,
+you can use to check the vulnerabilities introduced by third party libraries
+your web application include in its Gemfile.
+Writing safe code it's important, but sometimes security issues are introduced
+by third party code your application relies on. As example, consider a SQL
+Injection vulnerability introduced by Ruby on Rails framework. Despite the
+effort you spend in sanitize inputs, your web application inherits the
+vulnerability suffering as well. An attacker can easily exploit it and break
+into your database unless you upgrade the offended gem.
+There is a comprehensive set of command line flags you can read more by issuing
+```dawn -h``` flag or by reading [project README]( file.
+The list of security checks included in version 1.0.0 can be found online at:
+You can use [facilities provided by
+github]( to submit bug
+reports, product enhancements, new security checks you want to me to add in
+future releases and even success stories.
+Now it's time for you to install Codesake::Dawn version 1.0.0 with the
+following command and start reviewing your code for security issues:
+$ gem install codesake-dawn
+You can find the announcement on the web here: [](
+Enjoy it!
+Paolo -

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