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πŸ”Œ Concordia Compiler Plug-in for CodeceptJS with WebDriverIO

Generates and executes test scripts for web applications. Uses CodeceptJS with WebDriverIO.

What's New


  • Version 2.x works with Concordia 2.0.0 or above.
  • Version 1.x works with Concordia 1.0.0 or above.


  1. Make sure you have Java 8 or above installed. WebDriverIO uses Selenium that requires Java.

  2. Access your application's folder from the terminal/console.

  3. Install it via Concordia or NPM:

    a) Installation via Concordia:

    concordia --plugin-install codeceptjs-webdriverio

    b) Installation via NPM:

    npm i -D concordialang-codeceptjs-webdriverio


Execute it with the Concordia Compiler. Example:

concordia --plugin codeceptjs-webdriverio

Configuration file

CodeceptJS reads its configuration from codeceptjs.json. This plug-in adds the "WebDriver" to the property helpers with a basic configuration. Please see WebDriver Configuration for details on how to extend it.

Version 2 adds the property "WebDriver" with the following configuration:


	"helpers": {
		"WebDriver": {
			"browser": "firefox",
			"url": "http://localhost",
			"windowSize": "maximize",
			"smartWait": 5000,
			"host": "",
      		"port": 4444,
			"path": "/wd/hub",
      		"restart": false,
			"desiredCapabilities": {
        		"chromeOptions": {
          			"args": [ /*"--headless",*/ "--disable-gpu", "--no-sandbox" ]

Versions 0.x and 1.x add "WebDriverIO" with the following configuration:

	"helpers": {
		"WebDriverIO": {
			"browser": "chrome",
			"url": "http://localhost",
			"windowSize": "maximize",
			"smartWait": 5000,
			"timeouts": {
				"script": 60000,
				"page load": 10000


  • You can change the value of the property url to your application's URL, e.g., "http://localhost/myapp".
  • You can change the value of the property browser to the desired browser to test, e.g., "firefox".
  • See more options.

Supported CodeceptJS Commands

See concordialang-codeceptjs-core.

See also

  • katalon-concordia: extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to convert recordings produced with Katalon Recorder into Concordia Language. It helps you to capture web elements' identification without inspecting them with the browser or looking into their source code.


AGPL Β© Thiago Delgado Pinto