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πŸ”Œ Concordia Compiler Plug-in for CodeceptJS with WebDriverIO
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πŸ”Œ Concordia Compiler Plug-in for CodeceptJS with WebDriverIO

Generates and executes test scripts for web applications. Uses CodeceptJS with WebDriverIO.


Before installing:

  • Make sure you have Concordia 1.0.0 or above.
  • Make sure you have Java 8 or above installed. WebDriverIO needs Java because of Selenium.
  • Go to your applications' root folder via console/terminal for typing the installation command.

Installation via Concordia:

concordia --plugin-install codeceptjs-webdriverio

Installation via NPM:

npm install --save-dev concordialang-codeceptjs-webdriverio

Optional installation

To support database scripts in you tests, execute the corresponding command:

driver command to install note
CSV files npm install --save-dev database-js-csv
Excel files npm install --save-dev database-js-xlsx
Firebase npm install --save-dev database-js-firebase
INI files npm install --save-dev database-js-ini
JSON files npm install --save-dev database-js-json
MySQL npm install --save-dev database-js-mysql
MS Access npm install --save-dev database-js-adodb Windows only
MS SQL Server npm install --save-dev database-js-mssql
PostgreSQL npm install --save-dev database-js-postgres
SQLite npm install --save-dev database-js-sqlite

Please visit the Concordia's documentation for information about how to access and handle databases.

You may like to install

  • katalon-concordia: extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Use it along with Katalon Recorder to record your actions while using your application and then convert the recording script into Concordia Language.

    It is very useful to capture all the web elements' identifications.


Execute it with the Concordia Compiler. Example:

concordia --plugin codeceptjs-webdriverio

Generated configuration file

The plug-in generates a basic configuration file for you.

Versions 0.x and 1.x

Versions 0.x and 1.x generate the file codecept.json with the following content:

	"tests": "test/**/*.js",
	"output": "output",
	"helpers": {
		"WebDriverIO": {
			"browser": "chrome",
			"url": "http://localhost",
			"windowSize": "maximize",
			"smartWait": 5000,
			"timeouts": {
				"script": 60000,
				"page load": 10000
		"DbHelper": {
			"require": "./node_modules/codeceptjs-dbhelper"
		"CmdHelper": {
			"require": "./node_modules/codeceptjs-cmdhelper"
	"bootstrap": false,
	"mocha": {
		"reporterOptions": {
			"codeceptjs-cli-reporter": {
				"stdout": "-",
				"options": {
					"steps": true
			"json": {
				"stdout": "output/output.json"

The above file is compatible with CodeceptJS 1.2.1, and probably any version in 1.x.


  • You can change the value of the property url to your application's URL, e.g., "http://localhost/myapp".
  • You can change the value of the property browser to the desired browser to test, *e.g.", "firefox".
  • See for more options.


Packages installed by version 1.x

  • No packages are installed globally.
  • No changes to package.json.
  • All the same dependencies as version 0.x.

Packages installed by version 0.x

Installed globally:

package version reason
codeceptjs 1.2.1 Allow executing CodeceptJS in the CLI without NPX or via node_modules
webdriverio 4.14.0 Needed by CodeceptJS to execute web-based tests
selenium-standalone latest Install drivers to control browsers

Installed in package.json's devDependencies:

package version reason
codeceptjs 1.2.1 Needed framework
mocha 5.2.0 Generate JSON reports read by the plug-in
mocha-multi 1.0.1 Allow to generate multiple reports simultaneously, such as the JSON's and the CLI's
codeceptjs-cmdhelper latest Execute Concordia commands in the CLI
codeceptjs-dbhelper latest Execute Concordia commands in a database
database-js latest Access databases during tests, e.g., to setup them for the test
database-js-json latest Access JSON files as databases

Integration with CodeceptJS

Documentation available in concordialang-codeceptjs-core.

See Also


AGPL Β© Thiago Delgado Pinto

GNU Affero General Public License version 3

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