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Extra Bazel rules for Apple platforms.
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Extra Apple Rules for Bazel

This repository contains additional rules for Bazel that can be used to build libraries for Apple platforms.

Reference documentation


Produces a static library from the given Objective-C source files, with (kind of) support for header maps.

In iOS development, conventionally, when depending on an Objective-C library, you can import its public headers using the system include syntax (#import <MyLibrary/MyLibrary.h>) regardless of their location on the file sytem. However, in Bazel, you have to explicitly specify the location of the imported headers from the relatively from the included directories (#import "external/MyLibrary/MyLibrary.h"). This rule wraps the native objc_library rule to add support for the conventional import syntax, so that you won't have to patch your libraries to support building with Bazel.

Quick setup

Add the following to your WORKSPACE file to add the external repositories, replacing the commit hash in the commit attribute with the version of the rules you wish to depend on:

load("@bazel_tools//tools/build_defs/repo:git.bzl", "git_repository")

    name = "com_github_thii_rules_apple_extras",
    remote = "",
    commit = "<latest commit hash here>",


With a load statement at the top of your BUILD file, you can use this rule as you would with the native objc_library rule.

load("@com_github_thii_rules_apple_extras//apple:objc_library.bzl", "objc_library")

    name = "Lib",
    hdrs = [
    srcs = glob([

Any target that depends on Lib will be able to import Lib's public header using #import <Lib/Lib.h> syntax.



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